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"Customized Glass For Both Interior & Exterior Applications"

When lightning strikes sand, the heat sometimes fuses the sand into long, slender glass tubes called fulgurites. While nature has been creating glass longer than man, we’ve perfected the process. Z-Glass Design specializes in working with a special high-clarity type of glass through a proprietary process to create breathtaking products.


Our headquarters are in New York City on Fifth Avenue but our products are manufactured by skilled artisans and an award-winning freehand artist from Budapest, Hungary.


We utilize a unique and innovative process of working with layered painted glass to achieve our designs. Each layer in the three-layered glass panel is crafted through burning the paint into the glass. The desired effect is achieved by using contrasting colors and offsetting each layer by less than half an inch (1 cm) to create a three-dimensional design that comes to life, especially when hit by light.


Our CEO, Zoltan Pongracz, has worked with some of the top interior designers not only in NYC but in the world so we understand that the work we do is what transforms a mere house into a home and a lifestyle.

Rooted in art.

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Wooden base, metal base, ranging from small coffee table to 10-person dining room tables

Single, double and triple layer translucent, metallic or mirror tops can be paired with the selected base to make your own unique custom design.



Single layer metallic or double layer mirror tiles

They come from subway brick size to 1' x 2' rectangular or in hexagonal and irregular pentagonal shapes.

Panels and Signage

Single layer metallic or double layer mirror panels

Can be custom made from 2' x 2' up to 4' x 8' rectangular or in custom  even round shapes.

For commercial applications we can integrate your logo and make it the custom signage art piece for your lobby.

​Bar and Counters

Fully custom genre.

Single, double and triple layer translucent, metallic or mirror tops can be paired with the selected base to make your own unique custom design.

You can fully customize the translucency of your backlit piece.

We will work out the structural properties with your architect or design team.

Options for illumination are available.



design ideas

Single tone

Tuned to integrate

rich textures of tactile depths silently follow the required single color scheme of your environment.

Virtuous diversity in range.

Multi tone

Our colors are made different.

Our layered varnish like method creates crazy unique tones. Colors you won't see anywhere else. Colors to feel, reacting intensely to light


We found a way to make precious metals the coloring agent of art. Very detailed museum quality drawings inlay-ed in bronze, silver, gold and copper in infinite versions of colors.

​Antique mirror

Nature's way to walk through colors.

You choose where reality merges with dreams in your environment.

Augment your reality tech free.


Backlit panel or either divider for natural light, you name the position and we adapt the best solution for privacy, security, color and light in one



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